Rot meaning

rot meaning

Rot definition: When food, wood, or another substance rots, or when something rots it, it becomes | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. rot meaning, definition, what is rot: to (cause something to) decay. Learn more. ‎ Stop the rot idiom · ‎ English · ‎ Français · ‎ Dry rot. Define rot: to slowly decay or cause (something) to decay — rot in a sentence.

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Company Home About News Press Awards Testimonials. Oh, be assured, if the memory of my brother were not sacred to me, you should rot in a state dungeon or satisfy the curiosity of sailors at Tyburn. I've rotted away in university. Republic of Texas biker rally. My school years of constant studying and no life, year after year, have ruined my life. rot meaning


The Girl in Red - Schindler's List (3/9) Movie CLIP (1993) HD Bro, let's go back to billy's and rot in the basement. Please reload the page or if you are running ad blocking disable it. From Katrina to the Clink: Translation Context Conjugation Spell check Grammar Contact Newsletter Choose language: There is no question that rot can set in.